Can ditching meat and dairy open up new taste sensations? My week as a foodie vegan

My first attempt at veganism left me living on chips. This time, Zoe Williams explores a whole new world of culinary possibilities, from vegan cheese ...

How to make strawberry tart – recipe

For a real showstopper, put fresh strawberries to work in this brilliant summer treat Although I’ll go to my grave believing that cooking strawberries...

Nigel Slater’s summer pudding recipes

Light, sweet treats to polish off a perfect al-fresco lunch I don’t want much of a pudding, just something light and gentle with which to end a summer...

Flying high: kids in the UK are wild about energy drinks – but how harmful are they?

UK children consume energy drinks at a higher rate than kids in any other country in Europe – with a fifth of three-10-year-olds having them reg...

Yotam Ottolenghi’s hummus recipes

Up your game by serving it on aromatic cinnamon and ginger oil, or with roast garlic and mushrooms, or even under marinated grilled quail skewers Humm...

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